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New Age Regima Power Peels - Peel & Heal Treatment 

A therapeutic alternative to harsh chemical peels and skin resurfacing. It is potent, yet gentle and safe delivering powerful results.

This New Generation High Technology peeling system incorporates a host of actives which impart added healing and rejuvenation effects. The new ‘Power Peel’ absorbs quicker, deeper, and is more easily tolerated. The new peel penetrates much faster, providing more activity on problems such as pigmentation, sun spots, scaring and age effects, as the 6 Natural Acids provide more lightening action than hydroquinone, without any side effects.

This “Turbo-Peel” incorporates a blend of Citric, Malic and Lactic Alpha Hydroxy Acids in combination with the very latest exciting high technology, Peach, Raspberry and Apple, plus a host of cutting edge, powerful actives with healing, rejuvenating, healthy regenerating and ultimate anti-ageing effects. With the addition of healing plants, renowned for essential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, RégimA takes skin peeling to a more therapeutic level, but with safety. A course of 4 is recommended for best results.

  • Totally New Generation anti-ageing treatment
  • Contains 6 Natural Acids: Peach, Raspberry, Apple, Lactic, Malic, Citric, plus healing, exfoliating, smoothing active ingredients

  • Peeling, healing, rejuvenating, renewed youthful skin

  • Rapid exfoliating action - Shorter treatment time

  • Rapid Radiance "Flash Effect"

  • Gives skin renewed elasticity

  • Instant smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Skin lightening, brightening

  • Helps eliminate and control pigmentation

  • Gradually removes "sun spots", "age spots", "liver spots" on the face and hands

  • Helps treat problematic skins

  • Natural formula, not chemically buffered

  • Achieves results on all skin problems

  • Safe for the face, including dark under eyes, breasts, décolleté, anti-ageing for the hands, and areas of the body which have scarring

  • Peel face + body = Scars, hypertrophic and keloids, acne scarring, old burns, old skin grafts

  • Safe during pregnancy

  • Safe to use all year round

  • Safe for all skins, all ethnicities - white, black, Asian, young, mature, male, female

Treatment Prices

Single facial treatment - £65

Course of four facial treatments - £220 (£55 each)

Body treatment costs dependent on area of size to be treated