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 St Tropez Spray Tanning

Indulge yourself with the richest looking tan, in the most luxurious way, without the sun. St Tropez tans instantly and intensifies over 8 hours to build a tan that is right for you, enjoy long lasting results with, smooth, bronzed and radiant skin.

St Tropez Spray Tan
Full body (lasts 5-7 days)


St Tropez Spray Tan - Second Treatment
To be used one week after initial visit


St Tropez Express Spray Tan                                                 
Wash and wear in just 1 hour for a sun kissed
glow or just 2-3 hours for a deeper glow, perfect
for last minute tanners or a night out (lasts 5-7 days)


St Tropez Extra Dark Tan


St Tropez Spray Tanning